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SkoolGo is a  School Management System that  is developed for the next generation of digital schools. We built it dynamically by garnering difficulties you’re facing while managing the day-to-day school activities.

SkoolGo will deliver complete control and efficiency to parents, teachers, administrators, back offices, and the school as a whole.


SkoolGo is the most advanced technology-induced management system that caters to more Data Protection using SSL, accurate Transport Tracking through Google maps, Email Configuration for the institution, and Remote Learning platform through Web RTC.

Along with this SkoolGo can offer highly secured payment methods to pay school fees. We can store and use unlimited data overcloud storage for instant access.

Web-based Solution

During the pandemic, all of us were compelled to stay at home which has created more distance between us. For that reason, we’ve created SkoolGo as a web-based solution that will aid you in all kinds of situations.

You can access SkoolGo from anywhere as per your wish, and as long as you have an internet connection.


With the help of our high creative techie team, we attempted to reduce the challenges in managing school. Now you can have all your management needs in a single application.

SkoolGo will enact as integrated administration tool by providing Asset Management to the effective utilization of school buildings and classrooms, helps to Monitor Employees through the shift and leave management, storing students’ Visitor Management data, assures student knowledge diversification through Library Management, helps students to stay healthy by Canteen Management.


When your institution springs up, your administration requirements will also grow. Therefore, you will need to develop your school administration to keep pace with the up-to-date management needs. SkoolGo can be customizable to any institution based on the requirements you have.

All-time Support

Whenever you need technical support, we will always be there for you. Our well-qualified techie team always stands ready to help you. We will be accessible as SkoolGo!


SkoolGo can resolve all the challenges you’re experiencing in school management. Since here, you’ve come through very few features of our best school management system. To know more now Book a demo.

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