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What is SkoolGo?


SkoolGo is the most advanced school management system built for the next generation of digital schools which facilitates a real-time flow of information between teachers, principals, parents, staff, and students.

How much SkoolGo will support in managing the school?

SkoolGo delivers complete control and efficiency to parents, teachers, administrators, back-offices, and schools as a whole. Managing the entire school will be hassle-free by SkoolGo. It will perform various activities like online admission, creating timetable, attendance maintenance, printing students and employees’ ID cards with QR code, assist in proper utilization of school rooms and buildings, online assessments and evaluation, individual and group chats, mail ID in the name of the school, transportation tracking and so on.

Why do I need to use SkoolGo?

Thinking about finding technology support for managing your school? Then SkoolGo will be the suitable alternative for you. You can experience the best school management web application through SkoolGo. It provides world-class features like an online class ‘live’, chatbox for messaging with students, parents, and co-workers. You can get recorded class sessions, online assessments, virtual whiteboards, online fee payment solutions, online activities submission, and marking. It will eliminate your daily physical presence.

Can I access it from anywhere?

Of course, SkoolGo is mainly designed for remote learning. By this, you can conduct online classes along with recording sessions, exams, and marking activities. Also, it comes with a digital library feature which enables students to get academic resources anywhere.

How it differs from other school management system?

The features packed with the SkoolGo are entirely innovative and cost-effective. All your data will be encrypted and secured overcloud. A customizable system gives you utmost convenience with the advanced user interface. There will be multiple communication channels like online video sessions, private and group chat, organization e-mail, announcements, and notification sections.

Should I use SkoolGo only for big-sized schools?

No, you can use SkoolGo to any size of the schools. The school size doesn’t matter for this technology-enabled most advanced school management system’s application.

Can SkoolGo, the school management system, be customized for my institute?

Yes, we have a well-skilled and excellent team of developers who can customize SkoolGo based on your needs and requirements. We can deliver it in both mobile and web applications in any language.

How much I can trust SkoolGo on data security?

SkoolGo uses token-based authentication for securing information along with ‘HTTPS’ certification and every password is encrypted before saving into the database. SkoolGo offers a highly secured payment gateway through PayPal and other payment methods.

How it is ranked as a top school management system?

SkoolGo ranked in the top school management application system because of delivering world-class features that others don’t try so far in the market. SkoolGo offers in-app online sessions along with the ‘Raise my Hand’ option. So that students can clarify their doubts individually during class. Also, it offers a transport tracking system to track the students using school transport. SkoolGo comes with a separate chat system to interact with students, parents, teachers, co-workers and it will offer organizations email IDs for everyone. By using the ‘Canteen Management’ option, parents can track the food habits of their children. ‘Visitor’s Management’ feature will help to get to know about the people who visit the students during school hours.

Whom should I contact to know more and get a demo?

To know more about our school management application system (SkoolGo,) kindly schedule a demo or contact sales@skoolgo.net. Call us on +97339611888, +971503204999, +919560881787, +965558747499.

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